University of Nebraska FAQ

If I miss the Oct. 26 deadline, can I still order a fan cutout?
Yes, all fans can continue to place orders past the deadline. Any orders for cutouts placed after midnight the Monday before game week will be installed the following week.

I donated my football season ticket payments to the Day by Day fund. Does that mean I receive a cutout?
No, season ticket holders who donated their payments to the Day by Day fund will receive an autographed version of the 1970 National Championship Poster, an exclusive invitation to a Fall 2021 event with the 1970 and 1971 National Championship teams, bonus priority points, and entries in the weekly prize drawings. Stadium cutouts and additional collector’s items will need to be purchased separately.

Can I purchase a cutout for my pet?
Yes! Just follow the same general photo guidelines.

Will I be able to select my seat location?
No. Stadium fan cutouts will be placed throughout East Stadium behind the Nebraska Bench.

If I order multiple fan cutouts, will they be seated together?
Placement is not guaranteed but yes and all cutouts must be purchased as part of the same order to be seated together. If you place an order with multiple cutouts but select different options (i.e. some have shipping and some don't) they will not be sat together.

Will my fan cutout(s) remain in Memorial Stadium for the entire 2020 season?
Yes, the earlier you order the more games your cutout will be in the stadium for.

Will I get a photo of my cutout(s)?
Yes. During the season, we will send a high-resolution photo of the entire seating bowl.

Will my cutout be on TV?
We cannot guarantee that your cutout will be seen on television or as part of any broadcast. Cutouts will be placed in East Stadium to increase the chance of being seen on TV.

What are the cutout dimensions?
The life-size cutouts that will be placed in the Tunnel Walk are 24"x72" and the fan cutouts that will be placed in East Stadium are 18"x33".

Will I get my fan cutout(s) back at the end of the 2020 season?
Yes, at the end of the season fans will have the opportunity to pick up their cutouts at Memorial Stadium. At that time, further details will be communicated via email. Fans who wish to have their cutout shipped after the season will be charged an additional $25 per order at the time of purchase. Shipping is anticipated to occur after the holiday shipping period in early 2021. Life-size cutouts cannot be shipped and will only be available for pick up at the stadium.

When will I receive the collector’s items?
All collector’s items will be shipped at the end of the season and should arrive before the holidays.

What if the season gets delayed or canceled?
All payments made to purchase a fan cutout(s) are final and in no event shall such payments be refunded.

If I have questions about my order who do I contact?
Please email: