Northwestern State University FAQ

Can I have multiple people on one cutout?
No, one person per cutout, please.

Can I submit a pic of my pet for my cutout?
Absolutely. Please make sure your pet’s photo adheres to the photo guidelines.

Can I submit a pic in a military uniform?
We will be happy to honor all military service folks—Active or Veteran—with a cutout. The ticket guy is even going to get a cutout for his sadly long-deceased Godfather, decked out in his 1941 US Army uniform!

Will multiple cutouts in the same order be sat together?
NSU will try and place all cutouts made in the same order together. Should you submit multiple orders, they will try our best but cannot guarantee the placement. Should you have any such requests, please email Assistant Athletic Director Mike Jacklich at If you place an order with multiple cutouts but select different options (i.e. some have shipping and some don't) they will not be sat together.

How is the team going to let me know where to find my cutout?
Prior to the start of the season, NSU Athletics will confirm via email the section in which your cutout appears. They encourage you to come find it pre-game and take a trippy photo sitting next to yourself!

Do I get my fan cutout back and if so how?
If you want it, you can pick it up at the end of the season (fan cutouts cannot be mailed). If you can’t pick it up in person, you are more than welcome to send someone else to pick up the cutout.

Is my purchase tax-deductible? If so, how will the team or charity send me written confirmation?
No, the purchase is not tax deductible.

Where will my fan cutout be located?
If you purchase a VIP cutout, your cutout will be placed in the first three rows of our venue! Otherwise, they will try to fulfill requests, but ultimately the placement of the cutouts is up to NSU’s discretion.
They will be using the cutouts to help with state-regulated social distancing guidelines in our stadiums. If you have a preferred section or side of a stadium, we’ll certainly take that into consideration.
Should you have any such requests, please email Assistant Athletic Director Mike Jacklich at