Can I have multiple people on one cutout?
No, one fan per cutout please.

Where will my fan cutout be located?
Fan cutouts will be placed in Trask Coliseum based on available seating.

Can I submit a pic in a military uniform?

Can I submit a pic of my pet for my cutout?

Will multiple cutouts in the same order be sat together?
Placement is not guaranteed but UNCW Athletics will do their best to seat cutouts in the same order together. If you place an order with multiple cutouts but select different options (i.e. some say lower level placement and some do not) they might not be sat together.

Do I get my fan cutout back and if so how?
Yes. Details on how to pick up your cutout will be communicated at the end of the season.

Is my purchase tax-deductible? If so, how will the team or charity send me written confirmation?
No the purchase is not tax-deductible.

Where do the proceeds from fan cutouts go?
Proceeds from the sales of Virtual Season Tickets and Fan Cutouts will go directly to UNCW Athletics in our continued efforts to Sustain the Seahawks

Can I purchase more than one cutout along with a Virtual Season Ticket?
Yes. Multiple packages are available for purchase

What if the season is halted due to COVID-19?
Should the season be altered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fans will be contacted regarding their fan cutouts.

Will I be able to purchase more fan cutouts after the season starts?
Fan cutouts will still be taken following the start of the season and be added to Trask Coliseum during the year