University of Rhode Island FAQ

Where will my fan cutout be located?
Season Ticket Holders: Cutouts will be placed in open seats in the lower bowl with heavy concentration on section 205. The earlier you purchase, the closer to the floor your cutouts will be located. Unfortunately, we cannot take requests for specific seat/section placement.
Junior Ruckus: Cutouts will be placed in the South Endzone (sections 107-109).
Ruckus: Cutouts will be placed in the North Endzone (sections 201, 202 and 215)

Will my cutout be on TV?
We cannot guarantee that your cutout will be seen on television or as part of any broadcast. We will be featuring the majority of the cutouts on social media at some point throughout the season.

Will multiple cutouts in the same order be sat together?
Placement is not guaranteed but Rhode Island Athletics will do their best to seat cutouts in the same order together.

How many cutouts can I purchase?
For non-Ruckus and Junior Ruckus members, there is no limit on the number you can purchase. However, the season ticket holder promo/coupon code is only valid on the first order. Ruckus and Junior Ruckus members may only purchase one (1) per promo/coupon code at the Ruckus/Junior Ruckus discounted rate.

How is the team going to let me know where to find my cutout?
We will be featuring the majority of the cutouts on Rhode Island Athletics Facebook page (@GoRhodyRams) throughout the season. A sales representative will also be sending a notification along with a photo of your cutout/location.

Can I submit a pic in a military uniform?
Yes, absolutely!

What should I wear in my picture?
Fans are encouraged to wear your favorite Rhody gear.

Can I have multiple people on one cutout?
No group photos - each photo should include only one individual.

Can I submit a pic of my pet for my cutout?
Yes, all pets are welcome!

What happens if my photo is rejected?
Fans will be notified if their photo is rejected and given an opportunity to resubmit if there is an appropriate time prior to the deadline, but Rhode Island Athletics will not be obligated to provide the purchaser a refund if a submitted photo is rejected for any reason.

Do I get my fan cutout back and if so how?
We will send out an email to all purchasers at a later date with details regarding pick-up. NO SHIPPING AVAILABLE.

What if the season gets canceled?
All payments made to purchase cutouts are final and such payments shall not be refunded for any reason, including, but not limited to, the delay, suspension, cancellation, or early termination of the 2020 season.