Appalachian State University FAQ

Where will my fan cutout be located?
Premium will be located on the east side of the stadium in view of the TV cameras. All others will be placed throughout the stadium.

Can I submit a pic in a military uniform?

Can I have multiple people on one cutout?
One person per cutout.

Can I submit a pic of my pet for my cutout?

Will multiple cutouts in the same order be sat together?
Placement is not guaranteed but its the intention to that cutouts in the same order will be placed together. We cannot guarantee separate orders will be placed together. If you place an order with multiple cutouts but select different options (i.e. some have shipping and some don't) they will not be sat together.

How is the team going to let me know where to find my cutout?

How do I get my fan cutout back if I purchase the Premium option?
Communication will be sent out closer to the end of the season to premium purchasers on how to acquire their cutouts.

Where is the "prime location" for fan cutouts with the Premium option?
East side stands within first few rows.

Is my purchase tax-deductible? If so, how will the team or charity send me written confirmation?