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Please see below for team-specific FAQ.

How long after I order my FanCutouts will it be installed? 
FanCutouts works to have each Cutout to the arena or stadium quickly. The earlier you buy, the better chance you being at the games soon. 

Will I be able to select my seat location? 
No. FanCutout(s) will be placed randomly throughout each stadium/arena unless it is specifically stated in your purchase options.

If I order multiple FanCutouts(s), will they be seated together? 
FanCutouts cannot guarantee that multiple FanCutouts purchased on the same order will be seated together. 

Will I know where my FanCutouts(s) is sitting? 
Each team handles this differently, see your teams instruction on their page. 

Can there be multiple people within one image on a FanCutouts? 
No, only one fan per cutout. 

Will my FanCutouts(s) remain in the stadium/arena for the entire 2020 season? 
FanCutouts will be in the stadium at the discretion of the club. 

Will I get my FanCutouts(s) back at the end of the 2020-2021 season? 
No. FanCutouts(s) will only live within the stadium or arena and not be returned after the conclusion of the season, unless your team has offered this as a option in which you would have selected that during the purchase. 

What if the season gets delayed or canceled? 
All payments made to purchase a FanCutouts(s) are final and in no event shall such payments be refunded for any reason, including but not limited to the delay, suspension or early termination of 2020-2021 Season.


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