St. Bonaventure University FAQ

Can I have multiple people on one cutout?
No, please only one fan per cutout.

Where will my fan cutout be located?
Fan cutouts will be located in the end zone bleachers at the Hall of Fame end of the Reilly Center or in the red chair back seats on the scorer’s table side of the arena.

Can I submit a pic in a military uniform?

Can I submit a pic of my pet for my cutout?
Yes, we love pets!

Will multiple cutouts in the same order be sat together?
We cannot guarantee during the placement process that cutouts will be placed together but will do our best to do so.

Do I get my fan cutout back and if so how?
If you would like to keep your fan cutout, please contact Seth Johnson at at the end of the season to make pick-up arrangements. Cutouts will not be mailed.

Is my purchase tax-deductible? If so, how will the team or charity send me written confirmation?
Purchases are not tax-deductible.