University of Wisconsin FAQ


Where will my Bucky Board be located?
Bucky Boards ordered by members of the general public will be located on the east side of the stadium (the side that faces the TV cameras). Bucky Boards ordered by UW Students will be placed in the student section.

Can I chose the specific seat my cutout is located?
Specific seat location requests can not accommodated.

Can I find out where my Bucky Board is in the stadium?
Yes. As Bucky Boards are installed, photo galleries will be posted on Photo galleries will be organized by order number and stadium section, so make sure you have your order number to find your Bucky Board.

Will I see my Bucky Board on TV?
All general public Bucky Boards will be placed on the East side of Camp Randall Stadium, which is intentionally selected because it is the side opposite the TV cameras. Wisconsin Athletics hopes that each of the fans that purchase a Bucky Board will get a chance to spot their cutout on TV. However, fan cutouts are not guaranteed to be visible to those viewing games via television and/or other media.

Are there guidelines for what I can or cannot wear in my photo?
Yes. Dress in your best Badger gameday gear, face the camera and smile! Please note photos with third-party logos, advertising, logos with other NCAA or pro sports teams, political messages, lewd and inappropriate imagery will not be accepted. Review our complete photo guidelines before submitting your photo.

Can I submit a photo in a military uniform?
Servicemen and servicewomen will be allowed to submit photos of themselves in military uniform. All other submissions should be in Badger gear.

Can I have multiple people on one cutout?
Please submit photos featuring a single person facing the camera directly. Submissions with more than a single person will be rejected.

Can I submit a pic of my pet for my cutout?
Yes. Individual pet photos can be accommodated and are encouraged!

Will multiple cutouts in the same order be seated together?
Yes. Cutouts made in the same order will be placed together.

Can I get a photo of my Bucky Board once it is placed in Camp Randall?
Yes. As Bucky Boards are installed, photo galleries will be posted on Photo galleries will be organized by order number, so make sure you have your order number to find your Bucky Board. Photos of individual Bucky Boards are not available.

What if my Bucky Board becomes damaged?
Reasonable efforts will be made to maintain each Bucky Board. However, these Bucky Boards will be displayed outdoors in the elements including during likely inclement weather. The UW Athletic Department is not responsible for lost or damaged Bucky Boards. Lost or damaged Bucky Boards will not be replaced for any reason.

Can I have a Bucky Board placed in other venues?
At the time of order, fans will have the chance to choose to have their Bucky Board displayed at either the Kohl Center or LaBahn Arena at the conclusion of the football season for a small fee.
In the event Bucky Board display opportunities become available in other venues such as the UW Field House, Goodman Diamond, McClimon Complex, etc., purchasers will receive an email when details become available.

Can I get my Bucky Board back and if so how?
Fans who would like their Bucky Board returned to them at the end of the season have two options. Fans can request their Bucky Board be mailed to them at the end of the football season for a $25 fee (or at the end of the basketball/hockey seasons if you elect to have your Bucky Board displayed in the Kohl Center or LaBahn Arena). A free pick-up event will be scheduled in Madison for a date and time TBD, likely spring 2021.

If I choose to add a donation at check-out, where to the proceeds go?
Additional donations made with your Bucky Board purchase go to the Badger Legacy Campaign and directly fund our student-athlete services during these challenging times. These resources will go specifically to support scholarships, training and a range of academic and athletic support services for the student-athletes we cheer every game day.

Is my purchase tax-deductible?
While proceeds from Bucky Boards are a great way to support the Badgers, your purchase is not tax deductible. Patrons who choose to add a donation in addition to their Bucky Board purchase can receive tax benefits on the donation amount specifically. Please consult with your tax advisor.


How long after I order my FanCutouts will it be installed? 
FanCutouts works to have each Cutout in prior to every home game. The earlier you buy the better chance you have of being in the game.

Will I be able to select my seat location? 
No. FanCutout(s) will be placed randomly throughout each stadium/arena unless it is specifically stated in your purchase options.

If I order multiple FanCutouts(s), will they be seated together? 
FanCutouts cannot guarantee that multiple FanCutouts purchased on the same order will be seated together.

Will I know where my FanCutouts(s) is sitting? 
Each team handles this differently, see your teams instruction on their page.

Can there be multiple people within one image on a FanCutouts? 
No, only one fan per cutout.

Will my FanCutouts(s) remain in the stadium/arena for the entire 2020 season? 
FanCutouts will be in the stadium at the discretion of the club.

Will I get my FanCutouts(s) back at the end of the 2020 season? 
No. FanCutouts(s) will only live within the stadium or arena and not be returned after the conclusion of the season, unless your team has offered this as a option in which you would have selected that during the purchase.

What if the season gets delayed or cancelled? 
All payments made to purchase a FanCutouts(s) are final and in no event shall such payments be refunded for any reason, including but not limited to the delay, suspension or early termination of 2020 Season.