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Radford Athletics is offering fans the opportunity to join the Highlanders for game day, even if they can’t physically be there. Alumni, fans, and students alike can purchase a FanCutout to be placed in your venue (or two!) of choice to support your favorite Radford team(s).

Each cutout will count as one virtual ticket and proceeds will go to the Highlander Club Annual Fund in support of our 275 student-athletes. Funds received will help to offset budget deficits intensified by COVID-19 and aid critical areas, such as scholarships, academic support, athletic training and nutrition.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the rest of our photo guidelines.

Season FanCutout - $55
  • Personalized Radford FanCutout at each Highlander home game this season. 
  • Choice of which athletic venue(s) your cutout will be placed.
  • High-exposure placement in your venue of choice.
  • Option to ship your Radford cutout home (see details below).
  • One person per cutout.
    Placement in Two Venues! +$20

    For an additional $20, your FanCutout can be placed the Dedmon Center + any spring venue of your choice!

    • Choose "Dedmon + Spring Sport Venue" in the Select Cutout/Venue option above before making your cutout if you would like us to place your cutout in two separate sports venues.
    •  Following your completed purchase, a member of the Radford Athletics staff will be in touch via email to confirm your second location preference.

    Venue options:

      • Dedmon Center – MBB, WBB, Volleyball
      • Sherman Carter Memorial Stadium – Baseball
      • Patrick D. Cupp Stadium – MSOC, WSOC, Women’s Track & Field
      • Radford Softball Stadium – Softball
      • Student Outdoor Recreation Complex (SORC) – Women’s Lacrosse
    • Following your completed purchase, a member of the Radford Athletics staff will be in touch to confirm your second location preference.
    Send Your Cutout Home! + $25

    For an additional $25, your FanCutout can be shipped anywhere you’d like following the conclusion of the spring semester. 

    • Choose "Yes, please!" in the Send Cutout Home option above before making your cutout if you would like us to send your cutout to your home, a friend, or any location of your choice.
    Local Pick-up – FREE!
    • Following the conclusion of the spring semester, anyone can pick-up their FanCutout at the Dedmon Center. Information on pick-up dates, times and locations will be provided at a later time.

      Place your order by December 7th at NOON (eastern) to have your cutout in Dedmon Center Arena for the first Big South Conference game versus Longwood on December 14.

      Please note, any orders submitted after the above deadline will be placed in the arena for the next home game. The earlier you purchase, the closer to the action your cutout will be!


      • No group photos - each photo should include only one individual.
      • No selfies - please have someone take your photograph for you.
      • Include space around your head and shoulders so that your arms/body are not chopped off.
      • Photos should be taken vertically (portrait orientation)
      • Props such as foam fingers or flags will get cut off if they extend beyond the width/height of your shoulders.


      • Throw on your best Radford gear. We encourage you to WEAR RED!
      • No other NCAA or professional sports teams’ logos or brands will be allowed.
      • No advertising, business, or political brands allowed.  


      • For best results, choose a solid, one-color background.
      • Avoid backlighting. When you stand with your back to the window or sun, you will make your face dark.
      • Don’t show personal info behind you. We can’t guarantee that all backgrounds will be removed. 


      • Make sure your file is over 1 MB. Smaller file sizes might make your cutout appear blurry. 
      • Only JPG format images are accepted.



      1. No commercial advertising, including company names, apparel brands, hashtags, social media handles, phone numbers, logos, slogans, or other branding.
      2. Radford University branded attire only.  No third-party branding, including branding on apparel and in photo backgrounds. No attire or branding of other NCAA or professional sports teams.
      3. No offensive or negative comments.
      4. No personal identification such as names, e-mail addresses, license plates, phone numbers, or street addresses.
      5. No names, likenesses, photographs, or other indicia identifying any person without permission.
      6. No political statements, logos, slogans, or other political content.
      7. No alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, or firearms/weapons.
      8. No lewd, inappropriate, or offensive photos.
      9. No names, images, or likenesses of any players.  
      10. Your image must fill the entire top section of the cutout with no gaps or spaces or it is likely to be rejected. For best results, place your head as close as possible to the top of the cutout.  
      11. No group photos - each photo should include only one individual.
      12. Radford Athletics reserves the right to reject any photo that it determines, in its sole discretion, violates these guidelines or is otherwise offensive or otherwise inappropriate.

      All orders are final and Radford Athletics is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged cutouts. Damaged cutouts will not be replaced. Commercial advertising, political logos/statements or negative comments on photos will not be approved. Radford Athletics reserves the right to reject any inappropriate or non-compliant photo. Should your photo be rejected, FanCutouts will contact you to submit a new image. 

      By purchasing this cutout, you are agreeing to this team's terms and conditions. All sales are final – no refunds. Sales Tax Included. If you have any questions, please refer to your team's F.A.Q. or email support@fancutouts.com and include your team and order number if you have one.