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An official product from: South Dakota State

Jackrabbit Fan Cutouts, presented by First Bank & Trust, gives Jackrabbit fans the opportunity to fill the world’s largest rabbit den, Frost Arena! The 2020-21 athletics season is unique and it is not going to be the same without the strength of Jackrabbit Nation inside Frost Arena.

As we prepare for a season unlike any other, Jackrabbit fans still have the opportunity to make their mark in Frost Arena and support student-athlete scholarships by purchasing a fan cutout!

  • Purchasing a cutout in your best Jackrabbit gear is your chance to help enhance the atmosphere and visual presence for all sports in Frost Arena.
  • Proceeds from the sales will go directly to Jackrabbit Athletics to support our student-athletes scholarships.
  • Should the season be altered due to COVID-19 pandemic, fans will be contacted regarding their cutouts.
  • All orders will be verified by Jackrabbit Athletics
Orders received before Dec. 31, 2020 are slated to be installed before the start of the Summit League basketball schedule on Jan. 8. South Dakota State will continue with limited attendance for athletic events for the foreseeable future.


  • Wear blue Jackrabbit gear (game day gear)!
  • No third-party branding, including branding on apparel and in-photo backgrounds. No commercial advertising, including company names, apparel brands, hashtags, logos, slogans, etc. No attire or branding of other NCAA or professional sports teams.  
  • No offensive or negative comments about South Dakota State University. No personal identification such as names, e-mail addresses, license plates, phone numbers, or street addresses.
  • No names, likenesses, photographs, or other indicia identifying any person without permission.
  • No political statements, logos, slogans, or other political content.
  • No alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, or firearms/weapons.
  • No lewd, inappropriate, or offensive photos.
  • Contrast with the wall color (ex: wear blue if the wall is white).


  • Stand in front of a solid, light-colored wall.
  • Make sure the light is facing you, not coming from behind you.


  • Remember to take a vertical or portrait photo.
  • It works best to have someone else take your picture (no selfies).
  • Try your best to only have your upper half in the photo as the full body will not fit in the frame.


  • All cutouts will be individually printed.
  • All images must feature only one person or pet in the cutout.
  • The photo will be 18” tall on the cutout.
  • Jackrabbit Athletics reserves the right to decline any photo or ask for an alternative photo.

South Dakota State University reserves the right to reject any photo that it determines, in its sole discretion, violates these guidelines or is otherwise offensive, lewd, derogatory, infringing, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate including sizing of the image. South Dakota State University will not be obligated to provide the purchaser a refund if a submitted photo is rejected for any reason.  All cutouts may be removed at the discretion of the team if fans are allowed to return to the games in person or for any reason they deem necessary.  All sales are final – no refunds.

By purchasing this cutout, you are agreeing to this team's terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please check the team’s FAQ or email and provide your order number if you have one.